search me

Praying for God to reveal to the me the motives of my heart. it is scary to me that when trying to figure out why i want to do something (missions work) i truly dont know if it is for the right reason or for selfish reasons. Do i just want to be a part of this trip just to see the culture of the place and travel, or am i truly going to serve the Lord, and see Gods kingdom furthered?

 In trying to figure out why i wouldnt want to go…. if it is because God hasnt put it on my heart to go, or hasnt called me to this specific place? or is it because im scared to actually do it and im not trusting him enough to provide and guide me through it?

God please hear my cry, please search me and reveal to me the motives of my heart…if they are not right then i pray that you would create in me a clean heart, i just pray for clarity and guidence and increased faith.


God answers

it is really amazing how quickly and clearly God answers my prayers, and how when i step back and actually open my eyes he has placed all of these signs right in front of my face, and their is no doubt in my mind about what i should do!

Praise God!